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Pharmaceutical industry

Packaging and Pharma

High standards for the pharmaceutical industry

In 2015 Siberg joined the Steriline group, formalizing a privileged relationship of collaboration that has lasted for almost 20 years.

Steriline is an internationally established company, specialized in the manufacturing of complete lines for the aseptic processing of injectable products serving pharmaceutical industries worldwide.

Siberg has followed and supports the in-house Steriline team with its technical expertise on new projects and customer service.

Working alongside Steriline, Siberg has acquired the ISPE GAMP methodologies that regulate the activities of the pharmaceutical industry and has developed in-house fundamental specialist skills in this sector.
In particular, we can offer consultancy and solutions of compliance with FDA 21CFR part 11 directive for the US market.

We specialise in the integration of robots with PLC-based machine automation systems and motion control for special applications.

industries served

Logistics and Supply Chain

Logistics and Supply Chain

A team dedicated to the automated distribution chain

From an experimental collaboration with one of the leading international manufacturers in the logistics and supply chain sector, an ongoing professional relationship was born.

The skills and reliability of the Siberg team are considered an added value for the commissioning of numerous plants in Italy and Europe.

We provide technical, instrumental and software development support for automated warehouses and logistics systems for end customers such as Amazon, DHL and others.

industries served

Other industries

Other industries

Wherever automation arrives

Over the years we have gained experience in many other industries.

The Customer knows the process and the market in which he operates. Automation technologies are applied across all sectors and enable us to improve process control, productivity and the quality of products and services. Siberg proposes solutions dedicated to each project, to meet the specific needs of each customer, applying these technologies.

We have already operated and installed automation systems for the following industries:

  • Mechanical processing
  • Plastics
  • Food
  • Chemical
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Energy
  • Steel industry
  • Oil & Gas
industries served

Technological innovation, R&D

Technological innovation, Research and Development

Beyond production

Siberg is the ideal technology partner for Industrial Process Innovation projects and R&D projects in many application areas where technology transfer is a decisive factor.

We have to our credit:

  • collaborations with universities
  • collaborations with university spin-offs
  • specialist consultancy on innovative technologies
  • realization of experimental prototypes
  • R&D activities on behalf of third parties on funded projects